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Empowering individuals and families through Nutrition, Movement and personal growth


Life by the raines

We are the Raines. A family empowering others to take charge and live their fullest lives through nutrition, movement and personal growth. 



You’ve heard it before, but we’ll vouch for it, too: nutrition is CRITICAL for living your fullest life.  But it's HARD.  There is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to even begin. Not to mention all the emotional baggage we can carry with food. We aren't here to preach about any singular, fad diet that may or may not be having a moment right now. No, we are all about a BALANCED, WHOLE FOODS approach to nutrition that will LAST.  Nutrition should be ENJOYABLE, DELICIOUS, NOURISHING and SUSTAINABLE.



Notice it doesn't say "FITNESS"?!  Yea, that's because while fitness-ing is great and all, let's keep the main thing THE MAIN THING.  It's about MOVEMENT, whatever that looks like to you.  It can be a globo gym, CrossFit, long walks with your leashed cat, yoga (with or without goats)... We are all about helping you find YOUR POWER by incorporating movement into your life.  When you focus on intentional movement OFTEN, you allow yourself to feel empowered, strong, energized and EXCITED to start and continue with lifestyle changes.



Mindset. Habits. Routines. Education. These are all topics we consider “Personal Growth,” and is the third and last piece of the puzzle. These are the more abstract topics that set you up for success when navigating lifestyle changes. This is what keeps you consistent and also allows you to keep expanding yourself to reach higher. Personal Growth topics allow yo to go from self doubt, making excuses or self sabotaging to actually DOING the work and making the changes.  This is how you can support yourself in these lifestyle changes from the inside out.

Who We Are


We are the Raine Family.

Through our own experiences with massive weight loss, overcoming chronic disease like Type 2 Diabetes, navigating depression and anxiety all while nurturing an active family, we created Life by the Raines to build a community rich in resources and inspiration.  We empower others to take their lives into their own hands and create lasting, positive change. 



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This is so much more than just health and fitness.  This is a community, a space for you to grow, empower yourself, and show courage in pursuing a whole, healthy, THRIVING life.  Let's do this TOGETHER.  All the goods, the resources, the tips, the insights, sent straight to your inbox:  FUH FREE!