Welcome to Life by the Raines - Episode #0 Life by the Raines Podcast


Welcome to Life by the Raines!

In our FIRST EPISODE, we chat about who we are and touch a little on our journey. We open up about what Life by the Raines is, what we plan to do with it, and who we want to connect with.

We talk a bit about our 3 Pillars of Success: Nutrition, Movement and Personal Growth. We also share how each of those themes have helped us shape small and monumental lifestyle changes over the years so we could really start LIVING.

We also share our Mission and our hopes for the future with Life by the Raines.

on today’s episode:

  • Who we are

  • What Life by the Raines is all about

  • Who we plan to serve

  • How we plan to do it

  • What to expect moving forward

Thank you for listening!

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