The Story Behind Our Why: Why We Lost Over 185lbs. and Completely Changed Our Lives - Episode #3 Life by the Raines Podcast


In this episode, we share our personal journey and story behind our WHY.  We discuss details about our unique struggles and triumphs in overcoming obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression and why we chose to completely overhaul our lives. 

We get personal on the details of our stories and how it led to our “AH-HA!” moments to make some serious changes.

In today’s Episode:

  • Our personal stories

  • What it took to finally decide to make a change

  • Dani shared this tidbit on the podcast as advice to her former self:

    “You don’t have to let it get to that absolute, desperate hopeless breaking point before you make a change.  You can start making small changes now that will really move mountains for you in the future.”

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