Pt. 2: Introducing Your Kids to a Thriving Life with Movement - Episode #6 Life by the Raines Podcast


In this episode, we dive into Part 2 of Introducing Your Kids to a Thriving Life with Nutrition. If you haven’t hear Part 1, check it out!

In this week’s episode, we chat about movement as a life skill you NEED to be focused on. What is movement? How do we incorporate movement into our daily lives? How do we get our kids involved AND get them EXCITED about it?

Movement is so much more than just exercise or a fitness program. Movement is about intentionally moving your body each day with the goal of maintaining, changing or restoring our natural abilities to move.

We chat about movement in a whole new light! Listen in as we help uncover how and why movement will change your life!

In today’s Episode:

  • What Movement means to us

  • New ways to start thinking about movement

  • How we were MEANT to move

  • How to maintain your natural ability to move

  • How to restore lost flexibility, range of motion

  • How to encourage your kids to move intentionally daily

  • Benefits of movement we see in our kids (increased focus at school, better behavior, etc.)

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