Episode #10 LIFE BY THE RAINES PODCAST: Your Questions Answered

We answer 10 of our listeners top questions about nutrition and fitness, what it's like after losing a TON of weight, body image after weight loss, how we've navigated injuries and setbacks, how Dani began prioritizing her divinely feminine health AND MORE!

In today’s Episode:

  • What it’s like AFTER losing a ton of weight/ What it Looks Like to Reach a BIG Weight Loss Goal

  • Self Image After Weight Loss

  • How we got started in CF?  Are you still solely doing CF now?

  • What do we actually eat in a day?

  • What do our kids eat?  How do you handle feeding them well when it’s SO EASY not to?

  • How do you empower/engager our kids to live a healthier life?

  • How do you stay on track when you travel for work?

  • Have you had any significant injuries or setbacks in your journey?  How did you deal with that?

  • At what point in the journey did you start to focus on your health as a woman specifically?

  • How do you handle meal prepping and staying on track nutritionally with a busy family?


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