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Episode #22 LIFE BY THE RAINES PODCAST: Raising Kids Who Love Their Bodies with Dana Suchow

In this episode, we interview Dana Suchow, an award-winning speaker and educator devoted to helping parents raise kids who love their bodies.

Dana opens up about her personal journey with eating disorders and how it sparked her current mission in helping parents and educators raise body confident children. We chat about diet culture and its impact on both children & parents, body confidence, intuitive eating and how parents can help kids develop healthy relationships with nutrition & movement.

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Episode #16 LIFE BY THE RAINES PODCAST: Setbacks & Staying Resilient

Injuries.  Major life turning points.  Career shifts. A move. Setbacks are inevitable, and make us feel defeated, like we're losing traction, and sometimes have us feeling like a failure.  How do you navigate setbacks without feeling like you're losing all your progress, whether it's in the gym, in your career, in a relationship or in life in general?  In this episode, we share 4 lessons setbacks have taught us in our life, and how we still use these principles TO THIS DAY.

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