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36 - Engineer

Paintball Enthusiast

Loves Crossfit, hiking, gymnastics, family mobility sessions

Gratitude Journaler

Lover of peanut butter

Most patient man on earth



33 - Creative Entrepreneur

Hair/Makeup Artist


Loves Crossfit, hiking, gymnastics, lifting, journaling and meditating

Obsessed with eyebrows

Intuitive Empath



8 - Future Diplomat

Tech Savvy

Loves telling stories and jokes

Enjoys bike riding, gymnastics and meditation

Most LOVING person you’ll ever know

Old Soul



6 - Future Gymnastics Champ

Artist Extraordinaire

Loves journaling and scrapbooking

Enjoys competition, gymnastics, working out, and playing with big brother

Most GRIT and DETERMINATION I’ve ever seen


"We are defined not by our failures, but by how we rise after we fall."

who we are

Hi!  We are the Raines - a family of four that, TOGETHER, completely OVERHAULED our lives, lost over 185lbs and beat chronic disease, all while navigating tough subjects like anxiety and depression.

We've truly been through the ringer.  We tried every trendy diet over the last 17 years.  We found ourselves obese, tired, sick and desperate to make a change.  Riddled with chronic disease, such as Type 2 diabetes, among a whole host of health issues, we were at our wit's end.  We spent over a decade trying and failing, stuck in a vicious cycle.

the journey

Our journey began with years of failures.  Yes, a journey can begin with FAILURES.  But from those failures, we had an opportunity to rise.  Eight years ago, our journey took a turn with ONE POWERFUL, YET SIMPLE DECISION to begin, and each day to begin again.  With the knowledge that we could be just 1% better each day, we set out to make lasting changes to save our lives.  Years after we made that decision, we continue to pursue a life rich in health living, both mind and body.  

Want to see our journey in pictures? Click here!

How did we succeed this time with years of failures before? 

Well, we truly took life by the "reins," so to speak.  Hence our name, Life by the Raines. See what we did there?!

This time we would not fail.  This time, we would rise.  And we would do it together.  

We completely overhauled our lifestyle by:

  • Relearning what nutrition meant to us

  • Starting to intentionally move each day

  • Leaning into mindset, habits, routines and others personal growth topics to support all these changes

The time was different because our APPROACH was different. We looked at these changes as supporting a bigger “WHY”.

What is our WHY?

Our WHY is our bigger purpose. WHY did we choose to take these steps for change? Well, because we were tired of not living our lives to the fullest. We were tired of being sick and tired. We wanted to be examples to our children, and at it’s most basic, we wanted to BE THERE for our children.

As we moved further into this journey, we felt the enormous benefits from all these changes. We felt energized, excited and motivated to continue! But life gets busy, and we’ve certainly had times where motivation was lacking…. IN COMES MINDSET.

When we started leaning in to our own personal growth, we no longer had to RELY on motivation ALONE to keep us on this path. The habits, mindset and our WHY guides us forward when motivation isn’t cutting it. Because we need to honest with you, you won’t always feel like doing the work, and that’s NORMAL.

Over the years, we felt a calling to help others on a larger scale. We knew how desperate and confused we were before we even took our first step, how overwhelmed we were when we first started, and more recently, how we needed MORE than just motivation as we moved further along in our journey.

We’ve been there before. We’ve lived it, and WE UNDERSTAND.

Life by the Raines

Life by the Raines is our way to give back and guide YOU.  We know all too well the feelings of desperation and frustration.  We know the excuses.  We told them to ourselves for years. 

We also know what it's like to transform an ENTIRE family's way of life to something COMPLETELY out of their comfort zone, something sustainable, and something that is truly life changing.  Listen, I swear we've been there.

Our mission was born from personal experience:

Empowering others to take charge and live their best life through nutrition, movement and personal growth

Life by the Raines is a community rich in resources, inspiration and hope to make changes in your own life. Changes that are meaningful. Changes that LAST.

What if you made one small decision today that would positively change your life for good? Would you do it? How can we help you do just that?

That’s what Life by the Raines is all about.

Are you ready to take your life by the reins?

Are you ready to:

  • Feel better in your own skin

  • Have more energy

  • Feel confident

  • Believe in YOURSELF

  • Be the the creator of your life

  • Be strong physically

  • Be strong mentally/emotionally

  • Be POWERFULLY VULNERABLE (Being vulnerable is where the change ACTUALLY begins!)

  • Lean into discomfort JUST A LITTLE knowing it will pay off in DIVIDENDS

  • FINALLY make changes you thought you’d save for “one day soon”

  • Feel like an absolute badass BOSS

If you answered yes to even ONE of those, I know you’re ready. All you need is the resources and support to nudge you along the way.

That’s what we’re here for.

I'm so EFFING GLAD you're here!  There is POWER in knowing that you aren't alone.  It will take time, but you are strong, bold, brave and powerfully vulnerable.  Deciding to make a change is the most powerful step you can take.  Let us help you along the way!

where to find us


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This is so much more than just health and fitness.  This is a community, a space for you to grow, empower yourself, and show courage in pursuing a whole, healthy, THRIVING life.  Let's do this TOGETHER.  All the goods, the resources, the tips, the insights, sent straight to your inbox:  FUH FREE!